The company

With over 20 years of experience in the Thai food industry, the Globe Trading company has all the knowledge and expertise required to become the main distributor of famous Thai brands such as Chang beer, Khun Chai range, Chaokoh, Tiparos fish sauce, Mae Pranom, Mae Ploy, famous Thai Jasmine rice, and many more. Fresh Thai herbs, fruit vegetables and Thai orchids are also imported daily in large quantities and available for distribution. From food to furniture, our range is the largest range of Thai products that you can find in Europe. Anything which we donít have can easily be obtained by contacting the head offi ce. The companyís hard work and expertise was recognised by the Thai government in 2005, when it was awarded the prestigious Prime Ministerís Export award, the highest accolade given to any business by the Thai government.

Our suppliers

It is our constant mission to source out the best suppliers from all over east asia and maintain good relationship with them in order to make sure that our customers receive the highest quality products.

Our customers

As well as all the restaurant in our group, we supply for Thai restaurants and supermarkets across the country. Some of our biggest customers include Loon Foong, Tesco, Wing Yip, SeeWoo Foods, Sing fat and Thai Smile Supermarket.

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